Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Icon: Keith Richards

Keith Richards is the guitarist of one of the most prominent rock n' roll bands, the Rolling Stones, who have released 55 albmuns and are credited for being the original image of unkemtp youth. He also shines as an actor in a small part in Pirates of the Carribean III. He donned a frilly shirts and scarf around the waist look similar to his 60's fashion choices (but managed to look tough enough to have snorted his father's ashes). In the movie Keith had the most amazing dreads I've ever seen. They had beads and silver crosses peeking through the dark locks. Now I have to go put on the Emotional Resuce LP and dance out of my constriction.

Icon: Jennifer Herrema

This stylish beauty always looks like she's ready to rock. Her babydoll face sunken behind a curtain of hair downplays her ferocity behind a microphone. She formed the band Royal Trux in 1985 with her then boyfriend Neil Hagerty and they rocked out together for eleven years. During that time they made many records that experimented with every realm of rock. Jennifer became a model for Calvin Klein and started a clothing line which reflected her years of customizing her own clothing. Her duct tape and fur adorned look screams Jennifer and is almost always accompanied by a shiny, big-as-Texas belt buckle. When they seaperated in 2001, band and relationship, Neil let her have the name Royal Trux which she transformed into RTX and continued her rock n' roll dream, but did it a bit louder this time. Neil formed Neil Hagerty and the Howling Hex. They play a sometimes funky, well infused trip hop, 60's and rock n' roll sound. Royal Trux, Howling Hex and RTX always fill my rock n' roll fix the same way Jennifer's radical style fills my fashion eye candy needs.

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Monday, May 28, 2007

Morphine Generation

You know the kid who who takes refuge in the corner of a classroom using the head phones of their tape player as a shield from everyone? Or the kid who's always dressed like a black and white photograph with a camera forever around their neck, a book in their arms or haphazard Robert Smith makeup? Ever wonder where they get those awesome clothes? Look no further for Morphine Generation promises to clothe any hopeless romantic. Rocker Eric Hart of Suicide Club has managed to make me and every doomed lover who has a hankering for understated edge want every item he designs. Each collection has creepy victorian patterned dresses, tee shirts that look like they've been lived in and plenty hints of dandyism. There are many unique, minimalist details and quintessential peg jeans that come in white, grey and stormy blue with a carpenter strap. Overall, if Joy Division were downtown specialty shop instead of a band this would be it.
Eric calls the label Morphine Generation in reference to society because of "..people who are comfortably doped up on the superficiality and conventions of today's pop-culture."

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Myspace Face

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Icon: David Bowie

David Bowie should have been a supermodel. He does everything imaginable in the realm of fashion and transformed to each character with that chesire cat smile. As much as I love Ziggy theres an enchanted mystique to the "David the Hippie" look that draws me in.

"The Man Who Sold The World" is one of my favorite songs. I first heard it in the Nirvana Unplugged set but the original proved just as pleasing. His work takes you to a world all his own, which makes him one of the greatest musicians to touch this earth.

The Look: The Flare

Bell bottoms were the first trouser of rebellion. By giving your ankles more room you suggested that you needed space from the straights in society. Right now I'm into the Patti Smith look but I'll never forget my first pair of jeans. When I was eight my sharp grandma bought me flares by Revolt with embroidered blue flowers on the bottom of each flare. I felt like the coolest kid in school on dress down days.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Look: London Loves Indie Club

Twenty-five years and still going strong, the London Loves Indie Club is a style destinantion for artsy eye candy alongside some killer cool indie music. Ironically, I was planning a dream (notice I said dream) trip to Europe with one of my stir crazy friends and we will most definitly stop by Milan Prada City to experience London Loves. I spent way too much time on myspace last night taking in the personal style of the DJ's and party-goers who deserve a post on my blog.

-DJ Susi


Jean Junkie: Raving Over The Rainbow

I am a blue jean baby. I just love jeans. Even though they are now a wardrobe staple they still represent a fragment of the beat generation to me. Coloured jeans were not appealing to me at first but a splash of the unexpected is seeming rather punk rock.

I'm in love with these babies. I want the April 77 Johnny Thunder Neon Zebra on my bottom half.


They make many other great patterns and colors too.

-Neon Thunder

-The Hollywood



Alison Mosshart [the Kills] rocks the look below.

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